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A small artisanal producer based of classic and 100% natural italian Vermouth, Gin and liqueurs, based in piedmont in a distillery opened in 1890.

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7 Grosvenor street, London



Farmily is a word made of two nouns fundamental to us: FARM and FAMILY. FARM constantly remind us how strongly our products are connected to the simplicity of tastes and the smells of the nature: the species and the herbs we use to create our spirits are all natural and NEVER synthetic. FARMILY instead represents our philosophy and what really bounds us. We are seven business partners, seven bartenders, seven friends: we are our family.

Since always, we have managed our bars like a real extended family, engaging everyone in the decision process, in the duties sharing, in the management, united against the difficulties and celebrating the (many) satisfying and happy moments. Therefore, in Farmily everything is shared and lived like in a big italian family.

FARMILY was born in 2016 from the needs to agevolate our bartender job and to offer our clients a different twist in there cocktails but still maintaining the speed and the quality standard elevated.

From this concept was firstly born the first line of BOTANIAL SPIRITS; furthermore, in 2018 we decided to launch the FARMILY CLASSIC.

With these two lines FARMILY has managed to involve both bartenders and regular customers to its family philosophy however, the best is yet to come.

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43, 20143, Milan



With a passion for well-made products and fascinated by the history of liqueurs and spirits as they were originally crafted, Doragrossa Torino is paying homage to the knowledge and skills of the Piedmontese artisans through the revival of the centuries-old tradition of the preparation of liqueurs, “amari” (bitter liqueurs) and “elixirs” in Turin and the surrounding area.

Our liqueurs are crafted from traditional old recipes, rediscovered and reworked in a quest to find the most captivating aromas and flavours. Our work is further enhanced by the use of the finest herbs and spices, carefully selected and worked according to painstaking craft processes.

Via Sant'Anselmo, 2

Turin, Italy


GIASS is the first London Dry Gin inspired to the city of Milan.
The project was set up in 2016 by five friends who came out with the idea of creating a special gin recipe. They bought a small 3 liters alembic and started selecting botanicals as well as testing distillation results during their aperitif: that’s how the GIASS formula was made.
GIASS is a new generation gin, crafted the traditional way. Made of 18 botanicals, distilled with the London Dry method. The result is a perfect mix of influences that give it a particular taste: multi-faceted but clean, dry, immediate.