The Ancient Super-Ingredient Spirit KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is Greece’s first luxury spirit brand, the world’s first super-premium mastiha liqueur. The raw ingredient, Mastiha (mas-tee-hah) is a sap from the ‘Skinos’ tree that grows only in 24 villages in the southern part of the Greek island of Chios. Mastiha is known as the ‘diamond of spices’ because of its rarity, and the ancient world‘s ‘super ingredient’ due to its variety of healing properties, and has the honor of being the world’s first chewing gum. KLEOS is made by hand in small batches, via a double distillation of the rare Mastiha ‘tears’ and the addition of Mastiha essential oils. The KLEOS Ethos “Kleos” is an ancient Greek word meaning “fame or glory attained through good deeds and hard work.” The heroes in ancient Greek tragedy strived to earn their kleos. They performed feats so selfless and grandiose, they would be immortalized in epic poetry. With a modern, beautiful, luxury product made with impeccable attention to quality and detail, we hope in a small way, to earn our kleos, and restore Greece’s long-lost glory on the global drinks market place!