WINESTILLERY is the first and only independent craft distillery in the Chianti Classico region, in Italy.

Located in Gaiole in Chianti, ours is an unprecedented production reality: a Vinstilleria, that is a Winery and a Distillery merged together to interpret the terroir of Tuscany.

Winestillery is a radical project, it lives and evolves thanks to the dialectic between the highest enological knowledge and the finest art of distillation.

All the products of our family, from two generations in the wine production (the founder of the winery is in fact my father Stefano Chioccioli, internationally renowned oenologist and agronomist) originate from wine and represent the result of a unique production chain. 

Each stage of the production has been designed to be carried out firsthand, with an approach that is both artisanal and very precise: vineyards managed entirely by hand, harvesting in small boxes, a double sorting table for the selection of the grapes, only botanicals chosen from the Tuscan tradition.

The uniqueness of our production process is set in a holistic philosophy, conceived by our Master Distiller and named "Grape to Glass Manifesto”, in which each product is "tailored from the grape to the glass".

A real contract, which indicates between the various paragraphs the prohibition of using colorings, sweeteners, artificial flavors and refuses chill-filtration to keep intact the organoleptic qualities of each of our products.

Winestillery, therefore, represents a new interpretation of the wine element, but declined in non-conventionally Tuscan products: such as London Dry Gin, Vodka, Old Tom Gin and Vermouth.

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Address / offices : Piazza delle Cantine 8 - 50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)

Address / distillery : Via M. Buonarroti 1/3 Gaiole in Chianti (SI) 

T: 055 0602719