Athens Bar Show is an annual educational expo for bartenders and bar professionals.

When it first launched back in 2010 it was named “The Bar Academy Show” and was held in the Metropolitan Expo, next to the Athens airport. At launch, 9 exhibitors were visited by about 1.000 visitors.

That was the beginning of an effort to establish an institution that would become the annual appointment for the bar industry. In the years that followed, Athens Bar Show was supported by every company that is involved with the industry, directly or indirectly.

The year 2012 marks a special landmark when the Athens Bar Show is relocated to a venue in the center of Athens, namely “The Hub Events”. Visitors can now enjoy an easy, comfortable and above all safe access to the exhibition by means of public transportation.

The visitor count in 2013 was an incredible 3.000 persons which signaled the need to relocate the 2014 exhibition to a larger and better-suited venue – Technopolis Municipality of Athens was selected.

The exhibition grew very rapidly with 8.000 visitors in 2016 and in 2017, 8.500 visitors had the invaluable opportunity to visit, meet and learn from exhibiting companies (domestic and international) and over 90 hours of seminars, presentations, and case studies. Athens Bar Show is regarded as one of the largest bar shows in the world where spreading education and knowledge is a principal pillar.

Visitors to the exhibition, organized by Bar Academy, can stay informed with current and emerging trends, discover new and exciting products and equipment, learn and get inspired by successful business models, learn and grow through seminars and workshops.