We would like to introduce ourselves through this short company profile.

Kentavros S.A  was founded in 1975 as an Ltd in 1984 the company became an S,A.

Kentavros is based in Argiroupoli in the south side of Athens in its own building with

offices, warehouse, as well as a Cash and Carry.

The main objective of the company is importing and distributing its own brands and over the years a varied and interesting portfolio of brands which we are going to name hereunder.

* House Luxardo

*Moscato d' Asti Calosso

*Moscato d' Asti Rivata

*Prosecco Rivata

* Sparkling wines Asti Rivata,Brindate Dolce,Morando Brut

* House Kardasi (Tsipouro)

* And also several Greek wine makers as well as Sariza a very old and prestigious brand of bottled mineral water,sparkling water,and soda!

All the aforementioned brands are proprietary labels that Kentavros distributes exclusively!

Simultaneously all these years Kentavros distributes as a wholesaler over 1200 labels of

all major international companies to its clientelle of over 1000 clients nationwide!

Kentavros employs a permanent staff of 25 people in organized dpts.

Our sales dpt consists of 6 sales persons whos activties extend nationwide.

The company has extensive experience in the drinks sector meeting fully the needs of  its customers with consistency and reliability!

The company’s vision is to add value to their business associates through innovative

products that we successfully develop and the achievement of objectives and responsibilities

assumed by the company towards its customers!

Ε-mail: kentavro@otenet.gr

Stephanou Sarafi 46, 16452, Argiroupoli

Τ: +30 210 99 11 210, +30 210 99 61 407