Two brothers, redefine an ancient remedy recipe, inspired by Pythagoras, in a modern carbonated natural drink, which they envision to become an essential habit and become part of everyday routine of health conscious discerning fans all over the world.

Manos and Nikolas Smyrlakis launched in 2013 a spirits company, the Finest Roots Spirits, specializing on re-inventing Greek Liqueurs.

Inspired by their journeys and old home remedy legends, they decided to create the first natural honey soda, and bottle the worlds’t oldest and most travelled recipe. The recipe has travelled and been enriched throughout time, from the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Egypt and China, to Pythagoras who frequently used it as a remedy.

NOMAΔA is an “adult soft drink”, the fastest growing sector within soft drinks, as more people choose not to drink alcohol and or look ways to reduce the amount, mimicking however the habit and occasion of drinking alcohol. NΟΜΑΔΑ is enjoyed in a wine glass, and has a beer-like foam, from thyme honey.

The true essence of ΝΟΜΑΔΑ. The natural ingredients, the perfect terroir, the heritage of the recipe itself, the travelling and maturation of the recipe in time. In any way you see it, ΝΟΜΑΔΑ can be found everywhere.

We researched for more than three years to find the perfect balance of each ingredient that would enhance both the taste and the benefits of the recipe, the oldest home remedy in the world.

We carefully select authentic thyme honey from Crete’s unlimited summer sun, biodiversity with rare plants and animals. Our honey is a natural energy boost with a flamboyant floral taste and fruity aftertaste with hints of citrus. Our juicy Sicilian lemons grow around Mount Etna, where the Mediterranean climate of sunny hot days and cool nights. 


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