Vamvalis Foods has been active in the processing and packaging of nuts for over 50 years.  Always focused on quality products and services, we cooperate with some of the most reliable suppliers in the world keeping close and long-lasting relationships with them. At the other end we supply the largest and most demanding retailers in Greece and abroad.

Fifteen years ago, we decided to branch out to the production of nut and fruit bars seeing it as a natural extension of our core business. Actually, because our core business is nuts, we are perhaps the only bar-producing company in Europe that has full control of its products from the fields to the end consumer. We produce more that 100 million bars per year and are perhaps the largest organic bars manufacturer in Europe.

Apart from the sesame and peanut bars in their various forms, we produce a large variety of bars (over 300 recipes) with nuts, fruits, seeds and other natural ingredients. We are focused on clean recipes and simple tastes while at the same time are able to cater the end product to our customers’ needs (high fiber, high protein and others). We employ dedicated R&D personnel whose mission is to work with the customers and help them reach their target.

Dedicated to quality and high production standards we are IFS certified and AIB approved. Our products are closely monitored from raw incoming materials (laser sorters) to ready-to-eat outgoing goods (X-ray scanners), making sure that we keep the end consumer satisfied and our business partners care-free.


Ionias Str. Kalohori, 57009, Thessaloniki

Τ: +30 2310751646