KLEOS Mastiha Spirit

KLEOS Mastiha Spirit is a luxury Greek liqueur made from an ancient superfood called mastiha (a PDO that grows only in on the island of Chios), now getting mainstream recognition.  

Mastiha kills h. pylori, the bacteria that causes peptic ulcers, gastric cancer, and acid reflux.  

Healing properties for the stomach and digestive system are retained in liquor form, making it the ultimate aperitif/digestif.  

More importantly, it’s absolutely delicious, fabulous in cocktails (being called “bartender’s olive oil” in the press), and is low cal, low abv, and low sugar.   It’s a flavorful alternative to vodka that meets what VOGUE called, “the latest must-try cocktail ingredient."

Founder: Effie Panagopoulos is a 15+ years industry veteran, with a track record at Bacardi, Remy and as an advisor to countless startups, and is the first Greek woman in history to start a liquor brand.  

Come discover a sensory experience that will delight the senses and totally change your perception of mastiha as a category and flavor profile.


Angelos Bafas, London, Founder Sour Agent

Mirsini Spaneli, Athens, Zaz Bar

Penos Bekiaros, Athens/Mykonos, Zurbaran/Alemagou

Mauricio Salas, Venezuela/Mykonos/Athens, Opia Mykonos/Jackie O Mykonos

Elpida Antonakopoulou, Barro Negro, Athens


Select Press:    Fortune    Vogue      Food & Wine    Washington Post       CB Insights      Boston Globe       Boston Common Magazine       The Speakeasy Podcast   

Top Rated Mastiha Globally by Spirits Aficionados: 

Difford’s Guide (his top rated mastiha)        

Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Finalist, 2020, 94 Points        

Wine Enthusiast  90 points    

LA Spirits Awards, Gold medal, 2020


Tel.: 1-617-688-7903