Giacomo Giannotti

Giacomo Giannotti is a 32-year-old Italian bartender, established in Barcelona and who directs his personal project: Paradiso Cocktail Bar. Your arrival from Carrara, a small town on the north coast of Tuscany, Italy. Where his family has an ice cream shop. That is where his great passion in hospitality began. After school, he decided to move to London to learn English, and discovered that he lived in the cocktail capital of the world. He spent 4 years in London, where he received very hard training as a Bartender, from some of the best bar companies, such as Be at One and Eclipse Cocktail Bar. After these years, he decided to move to sunny and Mediterranean Barcelona. In Barcelona he worked at the Eclipse Bar at The W Hotel, then at the Ohla Hotel, where he learned the art of mixology from the maestro Giuseppe Santamaría, to improve the techniques and the perfect hospitality service. After much effort and dedication, he won the "World Class Competition" in Spain in 2014 and was among the best 8 best Bartenders in the world. In December 2015, he finally made his dream come true. He opened his own cocktail bar: Paradiso, and used the same name as his family's ice cream shop. The bar is clandestine style, in front there is a Pastrami Bar. To enter Paradiso, you must go through an antique refrigerator door. The design is a mix of wooden waves on the ceiling, white Carrara marble on the bar and jungle palm trees on the walls. The atmosphere is informal but elegant and the service is very close and familiar. The cocktail menu consists of 21 exclusive drinks. Each one with different glasses and decorations, focused on surprising all our guests. After five years, Paradiso is recognized as one of the best bars in the world, in position number 19 in the prestigious list "The World 50 Best Bars 2020" has already received many awards, such as: "The Bar to watch", " Top 10 New Opening Bar "at Tales of the Cocktails," Top 10 Internationals Bar Team & Cocktails Bar "at Tales of the Cocktails and" Best Cocktail Menu at Fibar 2019 "among others. n 2020 Giacomo opened his local secondo, always in Barcelona: Galileo, Cocktail Bistro. Galileo is a cocktail restaurant, where the idea is to merge signature cocktails with complex flavors and advanced techniques served in a simple and minimal way with Italian-inspired cuisine with high-quality tapas dishes all in an elegant and industrial setting. and a close and professional service. Giacomo continues his career with great perseverance, doing Masterclasses, Guest Bartendings and participating in cocktail fairs and competitions all over the world. 


Day / Time
Athens Bar Show 2021
09 November, 2021
14:50 – 15:20