Walter Meyenberg

Walter mexican designer and entrepreneur with passion for interior design, gastronomy and mixology. He's got a well earned place in the hospitality industry due to his capacity to think ahead and innovate, conceiving places that have become hot spots in Mexico city. He's the creator, designer and partner of concepts sutch as: Huset, Hanky Panky Cocktail bar, Brujas, Pigeon, Waikiki Tiki room, Tintorera, Los Angeles, CA, La Nacioanl, Down in Mexico, The Liquid show, Sesame, Paprika, Barra Criolla, La Botica, Mezcaleria, Fortuna Mezcal. His passion has led him to obtain two nominantions by the New York Times for the concept and design of La Nacional and Hanky Panky. The latter stands out as number 59 in the prestigious The World's 50 Best Bars list, as well as No. 43 in top 500Bars. Walter is one of the most influential people and responsible for the new food and mixology scene in Mexico city.


Day / Time
Athens Bar Show 2021
09 November, 2021
15:50 – 16:20