Bevanda LTD

Bevanda LTD is a Wholesales company with more than 10 years of activation in Spirits industry in Greece. With a geographical coverage all over Greece, our purpose is to provide full and perfect services to our customers with high standards and always with respect to the environment. Nowadays, Bevanda has moved to the new era, evolves and adjusts to the customers’ needs, by creating a new exclusive brand portfolio of own imports that cover all drinking occasions. From Super Premium Brands for a Luxury Experience to the everyday consumption of a spirit, neat or in a cocktail, our consumers can choose, love and engage with one of our brands.

Always with responsible drinking we invite you to a unique journey of flavors and experiences.    

Shanky’s Whip Black Irish Liqueur             

Kirker Greer Shamrock Irish Whiskey            

Kilda Creams                                                     

Gin 44N                                                             

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Kirker Greer Shamrock Irish Whiskey isntagram

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Address: Kyrillos spot, Aspropirgos, 19300

Tel. : 2105597610