Thematic areas and special projects


Luxury Brands Hall

We are presenting a new thematic area of the exhibition, the "Luxury Brands"

It is a specially designed showroom dedicated exclusively to premium and ultra-premium products. The "Luxury Brands" is a truly special experience for real "connoisseurs" of premium products.

In an atmospheric, luxurious, and comforting environment, the visitor will be able to have meaningful interactions with experts and creators of the premium products that will be hosted.

If you are interested to visit Luxury Brands Βar, you will have to purchase a special ticket which gives you access to Athens Bar Show & Luxury Brands Hall.


"Tomas Estes’ Agave Embassy" Hall

A dedicated space, honoring the memory and legacy of Tomas Estes, one of the greatest supporters of the Greek bartending community and agave spirits.

Tomas Estes deeply loved Greece and the Athens Bar Show; he taught us to appreciate and enjoy tequila, mezcal, and more agave spirits.

At Tomas Estes' Agave Embassy, you will have the opportunity to learn more about this unique and diverse beverage category, try different labels, and attend interesting presentations, seminars, and tastings from experts. Entry is free for all visitors to the Athens Bar Show.

We look forward to celebrating with you the life and work of Tomas Estes, an unforgettable friend, and mentor!

New Entries - New Comers Hall

Dedicated to products or services that are presented for the first time in the Athens Bar Show or the greek market. Entry is free for all visitors to the Athens Bar Show.