The Athens Bar Show is an educational exhibition for professional bartenders, bar owners, hospitality professionals and cocktail enthousiasts.


"ABS P.U.B." - Premium & Ultra premium Brands & Business Lounge

For the first time, Athens Bar Show presents something so special and exclusive:

The "ABS P.U.B." - Premium & Ultra premium Brands & Business Lounge!

It is a specially designed showroom dedicated exclusively to premium and ultra premium products.

The "ABS P.U.B.” will be a truly special experience, with limited daily entries, for the true “connoisseurs” and “aficionados” of this unique product category.

In a luxurious and comforting environment, the visitor will be able to have meaningful interactions with experts and creators of the premium products that will be hosted.

They will have the opportunity to ask questions, chat comfortably and without distractions and, of course, taste the special spirits, combined with food pairings from the Six Seasons Kitchen.