BLACK TEARS by Lost + Found Drinkery

BLACK TEARS Dry Spiced Rum

Black Tears is the world’s first spiced rum in 400 years from Cuba, the spiritual home of rum and creator of the mojito and daiquiri. For the first time, classically sensual Cuban rum is transformed by the island’s favorite spice, the bittersweet Ají Dulce.

Black Tears or “Lágrimas Negras” is the song that plays in every Cuban’s heart and tells a bewitching story of love and loss. Black Tears combines the mood of the Lágrimas Negras song with the energy, passion and emotions of modern Cuba.

Enjoy a classic Tears ‘n Tonic or a Dark ‘n Stormy. 

Distributed by Alexandrion Wines and Spirits 


Lost + Found Drinkery

Undoubtedly the most famous and iconic bar from the capital city of the island of Cyprus, Nicosia, which was 7 times mentioned in the World’s 50 Best Bars list!

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