DUG is an independent family group of Iberoamerican origin, which since 1959 has been discovering to the world the best kept secrets of different Latin American regions, through a portfolio of spirits that capture the essence of the territory where they are distilled. 

We also have the most versatile complex in Latin America, with a portfolio of products of unparalleled quality. Located in the town of La Miel in the State of Lara, Venezuela, a perfect place for the optimal aging of alcohols that over the years will become rums, whiskies and liquors with presence in national and international markets. Ranked as The Best Distillery in the World in 2013 at the UK Rum Fest and holder of a complex quality and environmental management system. 

Our international portfolio is headlined by Canaïma Gin, our small-batch gin made with hand-picked botanicals from the Amazon, and our new creation: Saroche Cocuy, a single state perfectly crafted agave that only grows in Venezuela.


Tel.: 00507 6836 9003