''A Taste of Greece, Bottled as Gin Philosophy.'' 

Having 28 years of experience in the field of distilling and producing alcoholic beverages, we have acquired knowledge, skills, experience and know-how, ingredients that characterize our spirit of innovation and insight.

After the successful range of Mastic Tears liqueurs, EVA distillery presents its newest product, Gin Philosophy. 

It is a dedication to the evolution of the Gin culture, through careful design and rigorous selection of ingredients. 

We crafted a GIN with our own touch and a blend of fruits, blossoms, spices, seeds, herbs and roots, some local and some exotic.

With unparalleled pride, we are the only distillery in the Aegean Sea to produce 100% distilled London Dry GIN. 


EVA Distillery S.A 

Address: Pagani - Mytilini, Greece 

Tel: +30 22510 23700