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Our Journey: We want you to feel like you have the Côte d’Azur on the tip of your tongue every time you sip 44°N. When we set out to create 44°N we wanted to capture the luminous depth of the sea and the windswept aromas of the Mediterranean in every drop.

Named for the geographic coordinates of Grasse, 44°N’s tasting notes read like a who’s who of local botanicals set to the full spectrum dreamscape of the South of France.

44°N is the place where the verve of the Cote d’Azur rubs up against the cultural heritage of perfume creation. Our gin encapsulates the exquisite energy and flavour of the French Riviera, where Bitter Orange, Cade, Mimosa, Centifolia and Immortelle are distilled by combining modern gin distilling methods with cutting edge perfume extraction technology.

It all comes together in what we believe is a thoroughly revelatory experience. 44°N. A gin imagined and distilled in Grasse.

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A moment in time: Time is a lifestyle. Nothing else is quite like the beat of time, that moment when the light transitions in the south of France. As the sun begins its descent over the cobalt Luberon mountains, seductive coastlines, ripping lavender fields and honey-stone hilltop villages. 18:00 In Provence is the beautiful time when 06 Vodka Rosé brings friends together to enjoy a moment, the pleasure of time and place that only the Southeastern most corner of France can offer. An occasion to share.

The Art of Extraction is a science, a fine tuning to achieve balance that takes experience and experimentation in equal measures. Rose wine has its own characteristics but when infused into vodka it becomes something extraordinary and delicately complex. Our Master Distiller has created an innovative process to create a new style of Vodka Rose, we call it ACTIVE WINE EXTRACTION (AWX). We source organic Rosé wine from Provence, and we then extract the flavour molecules using AWX, our trademark low temperature, low pressure extraction method. This flavour concentration process condenses the flavour molecules, leaving the finest aromatic flavour components and pigment naturally derived from the grape skins. On the nose you discover the scents of rosé wine, the taste is refined with delicate and subtle floral notes being revealed. We then create the perfect ‘accords’, of the molecules of the Rosé extract and the Vodka.

Our distillery is nestled in Grasse, where perfume masters have been extracting and blending flavors for years. Coupled with the inspiration of the terroir and heritage that Provence offers we have been inspired to create the first 100% French Vodka Rosé. The experts at Comte de Grasse believe it is the quality of the softest French winter wheat and purest alpine spring water that creates the perfect vodka with which to marry delicate and fragrant Rosé wine. We have created a symphony, a harmonious combination of Provençal icons that delight the palate with every sip.

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