GRANIKAL, an exclusive importer of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic brands, with the main objective of providing high quality services to its partners and building brand awareness for its products, this year will be faithful to the appointment of the Athens Bar Show 2023 with one goal... To show to the spirits industry, how DRINK DIFFERENT becomes reality through products that make a difference and upgrade every bar!

The innovative pulse of the spirits industry with brands that stand out and are appreciated by the global bartender community, comes with:



Luxardo: With more than 200 years of history, the Luxardo family shows us why they are present in every bar!

Amaro Montenegro: Monte & Tonic and Vero Bartenders take us on a journey to Italy with the #1 selling Amaro in Greece!

Select Aperitivo: The Authentic Spritz Veneziano! For those who don't want the mainstream Spritz... The luxury Spritz of Venice is for you!

Cocchi Vermouth: The Vermouth that top bartenders worldwide vote as one of the best in the world... Still wondering what they put in their Negroni?



Matusalem Rum: Premium Cuban-style rum… Gran Reserva 15, 23 and Insolito breathe life into the category!

Martin Miller's Gin: The re-launch of the most unconventional gin in the premium category... Is it Madness or Genius? Your signature G&T is changing!

Michter's Whiskey: It is no coincidence that one of the Top Trending Whiskeys in the world and #1 in America!

Los Siete Misterios Mezcal: It’s not a mystery anymore! Unveiling the #1 Top Trending Mezcal in the World!

Saint James Rhum: The #1 Agricole Rhum in the world comes from GRANIKAL to give a new dimension to r(h)um cocktails!

Licor 43: Licor 43 & Coffee, is the coffee cocktail you need!



ODK: ODK fruit purees and syrups, in a huge variety of flavors, can be used in the most amazing cocktails! In addition, with the Stillabunt foamer, your sour cocktails will steal the show!


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Amaro Montenegro:

Select Aperitivo:


Cocchi Vermouth:

Matusalem Rum:

Saint James Rhum:

Martin Miller’s Gin:

Licor 43:

Michter’s Whiskey:

Los Siete Misterios: