Epirotic Bottling Industry VIKOS S.A.,

Epirotic Bottling Industry VIKOS S.A., one of the most renowned companies in the bottled water market, is a Greek family-owned company established in 1990. The company commenced its business in 1992 by bottling Vikos natural mineral water from the homonymous spring, distributing it to the Greek and foreign markets. 

The company operates five state of the art factories with vertically integrated manufacturing processes. Four factories bottle water and produce refreshments, while the fifth one PETCOM Plastics, manufactures PET preforms and closures for the packaging of water, refreshments, and milk. On its premises, which cover 96.200m2, in a area of 260 acres, the company utilizes 7 water springs, operates 33 production lines and its production capacity reaches 492.200 bottles/hour. 

In 2014, following two years of intensive research and development, the company entered the refreshments market with the launch of 8 different flavors, creating a whole new product category, Vikos natural mineral refreshments. 

In 2017, the product line was enhanced with the addition of 3 more flavors with a low glycemic index and sweetener from the stevia plant, and is since including Vikos Cola Stevia, Vikos Orangeade Stevia and Vikos Lemonade Stevia. 

In 2021, the company launches Vikos Cola Zero Sugar, the only Cola Zero produced with natural mineral water and a unique recipe. In 2022, the mixers category is enhanced with the launch of the new product Vikos Pink Grapefruit Soda. Vikos refreshments are the only refreshments produced with natural mineral water from the spring of ZAGOROCHORIA, using juice from Greek fruits. 

Additionally, in 2022 the company completed a €22mil.  investment in the new factory in Kalpaki, Ioannina and enters the HO.RE.CA market by launching new glass and aluminum packaging for the Vikos natural mineral refreshments. 

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