Infusion Gastronomy was founded in 2021 and specializes in the trade of premium cuisine raw materials and equipment necessary for cooks, pastry chefs and bartenders.

Satisfying our customers expectations and meeting high-quality standards in our products are our main goals.

Our suppliers are leading companies in the field such as Toufood,Sosa, 100%Chef, Botanica, Brix, Doumix by Mec3, Prova Gourmet, Mallard Ferriere etc.

Our Philosophy

  • Constant renewal of our portfolio with original and genuine products
  • Providing consistent and fast delivery services to our customers
  • Informing our customers for the use of our products
  • Regular training of our customers conducting culinary and gastronomy workshops using the products on our own kitchen gastronomy lab.

Τηλ.: 0030 6972921480, 0030 6973052956