KUDU Coffee Roasters

KUDU Coffee company was founded by people with love and knowledge for good coffee, with the aim of offering fine quality coffees. The uniqueness of KUDU coffee varieties is due to the special taste and aroma characteristics (acidity, body, taste, aroma) that make up their profile, as well as to the assured course of the coffee from the bean to the cup.

Our company imports the raw material of raw coffee from producers in various countries around the world and only from the highest quality category of coffee, that of specialty. The coffee roasting process is carried out by highly trained professionals at the company's headquarters, where the coffee storage and packaging operations also take place.

The philosophy of our company is based on the continuous search for the possibilities of coffee, to offer the best quality and best tasting product to the consumer. By closely monitoring the entire process of coffee processing and preparation, we seek to discover and highlight its special taste nuances, as well as all those fine ingredients that make up its multidimensional identity.

To keep the taste and aroma characteristics of KUDU coffee unchanged and fresh, we take care of its immediate and timely delivery to our customers, just a few days after its roasting.