Mombasa Club Gin - Martinica Liqueur.

Mombasa Club Gin is a nostalgic reminiscence of the spirit of those romantic, adventurous pioneers of the glorious and epic XIX-century English colonialism. .Over the decades, Mombasa has reinvented itself by creating a variety of key aromatic profiles that satisfy the evolving needs of its consumers.
The Mombasa range includes its iconic London dry gins, Mombasa Club Gin, and its Reserve version, Mombasa Colonel´s.  

Mombasa Strawberry and Mombasa Lemon Edition are the fruit-infused gins of the Mombasa range, highlighting the spice Mombasa Club base rich in complexity, balanced acidity complemented with the exquisite fruitiness of Strawberries and Mediterranean lemons respectively.
Last but not least, in 2023 Mombasa Purple Edition has been launched to widen the versatility of the Mombasa spirit of exploration, this time with a floral aromatic profile, backed with the spiciness of the Mombasa Club Gin.

Mombasa Club is a range of premium gins launched in 2009, which its base formula dates back to the late nineteenth century.


Martinica Liqueur, Its ingredients blend harmoniously, creating the perfect balance between originality and tradition. Elaborated with the subtlety of a liqueur and the authenticity of Caribbean elixirs, resulting in a delicate drink of only twenty degrees. A great wave of flavor with a spicy and fresh touch, like drops of water on the skin under the blazing sun, a sweet and mellow taste. A smooth and aromatic liqueur, perfect to be consumed in a cold shot or as a base or key ingredint to make marvelous cocktails with a spicy twist.