Savortails Highlight your spirit 

Inspired for cocktails.

Created for premium spirits to match their quality and elevate the cocktail mastery without overcomplicated the mixing process.

Savortails is dedicated to the art of crafting exceptional mixers. Each creation is a blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring your drinks stand out. We crafted a range of 6 flavors and 2 brand new are coming next year:

·  Classic tonic, Pineapple soda and Grapefruit soda – must have tools for any cocktail bar
·  Olive and Lemon tonic, Cucumber and Elderflower tonic – Mediterranean twist on the classics, building up even more character
·  Pear soda – brand new flavor, specially made for pairing with whiskies

Partners in mixology.

We understand that a great mixer does more than complement; it enhances, elevates, and empowers. Our craft sodas and tonics are meticulously crafted to accentuate the unique character and flavor profiles of your favorite spirits. With Savortails, your cocktails are not just mixed; they're transformed into sublime works of art, allowing the true spirit of each ingredient to shine through.  By choosing Savortails, you embrace the power to create exceptional beverages that mirror your unique style and taste.

Let’s start this creative self-expression journey to elevate every sip and celebrate the artistry in spirit making, bartending and mixology. We will be proud to be your trusted partner!