Ice Up

In ICE UP we believe in unbending passion. Everything we do springs from this core value. This is why we exclusively create top quality clear ice. ICE UP is the first and only Greek company exclusively dedicated to the production, packaging and nationwide distribution of premium clear ice. 

ICE UP was founded by three bartenders with a great love for the world of spirits, in March 2018, aiming to change the way Greek consumers enjoy their drinks. Being bartenders makes us dedicated to premium quality and service, we have thus created products that offer solutions to the modern professional, upgrade the overall drinking experience for the guests and are accessible throughout the country.
The original and innovative packaging of ICE UP plays a very important role to our growth, as it safeguards the quality of our products through all stages of handling and transportation, while it remains practical to use in all modern hospitality outlets. 
Loreta Tosca +30 693 654 1052
Alexis Simonidis +30 697 556 9539
Address: 16 Acheon str, 14122, Neo Irakleio