Our vision is to offer exclusively premium brands of high-quality value with respect to man and society but the environment as well (with environmental awareness).

With this effort we come closer to our dream for a different and better tomorrow.

One Family, One Story.

ProDrinks is a family business, established in 2007. The founding members of our company are Luke & Spyros Spyropoulos. Both the passion of meeting new people and their stories throughout Greece and abroad, as well as the 30 years of experience of Luke Spyropoulos in sales contributed to the foundation of this company.

While starting its journey, ProDrinks had to face a major fiscal crisis for the Greek data. However, despite the difficult years the Greek market went through and despite the constant decrease of the purchasing power, it was the passion, the strong will, the persistence, and the industriousness that contributed to the steady and healthy growth of ProDrinks.