Rezos Brands

Rezos Brands, for 4th year in a row participates to the Athens Bar Show. This year will have the pleasure of presenting a complete range of products from 5 different brands. Each of these five different brands is a core element for creating cocktails and mocktails that remain unforgettable.


Soulshakers Handcrafted Bitters: For the 1st time, Rezos Brands will introduce to the visitors of Athens Bar Show the new product line of handcrafted Bitters, created by Soulshakers Bar Services. The six new flavours combine the knowledge and vast experience of the well-known mixologists Aristotelis Papadopoulos and Nikos Arslanoglou. A specially selected mix of herbs, spices and fruits offers a rich taste in each cocktail.

The London Essence: The London Essence Company is a specialist in the art and alchemy of taste. Distilling the authentic flavour of fine fruits and botanicals, they carefully calibrate mixers of rare quality. This year visitors will have the change to taste the new flavour of Pink Grapefruit Soda.

Mathieu Teisseire: Mathieu Teisseire has a heritage of crafting exceptional syrups in France that stretches back the last 300 years. Driven to capture flavour as close to the natural ingredient as possible, Mathieu Teisseire is a master of true flavour and recognized as France's No.1 syrup. 

Britvic: The origins of the Britvic brands can be traced to 1938. The brand stands for simplicity; designed to complement and not take mask your favourite spirit, making your mix even better.

Ocean Spray®: Ocean Spray® is the world's largest cranberry producer. The line of juice beverages, Ocean Spray® Dried Cranberries will play a key role with the premium mixers for the bar, and of course, on the mocktail menu. Ocean Spray® cranberry juices are the only ones with 27% cranberry juice content.

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