Rezos Brands

Faithful to its appointment, our company will once again participate in the Athens Bar Show. Our
commitment to quality is at the core of our philosophy. At the heart of our excellent service is ensuring
the variety and reliability of our products. With these principles in mind, we are excited to present a
comprehensive range of products from 5 different brands that are expected to elevate your drinking

Hippocrates Farm: For the first time, our company is introducing and presenting its own line of dried
fruits, Hippocrates Farm, aiming to offer even more freshness and unique flavor to your cocktails. We
offer bar professionals the opportunity to discover the unique variety of our dried fruits and incorporate
them into their creations.

Soulshakers Handcrafted Bitters: Rezos Brands presents, for the second consecutive year, the product
line of handcrafted bitters by Soulshakers bar services, which received exceptional reception from the
Greek bartending community. The 6 unique flavors contain the knowledge and experience of acclaimed
mixologists, Aristotelis Papadopoulos and Nikos Arslanoglou. A carefully selected blend of herbs, spices,
and natural ingredients adds rich flavor and distinct aroma to your cocktails.

Mathieu Teisseire: With over 300 years of experience in producing syrups and fruit purees for
professionals, Mathieu Teisseire represents the top-quality brand in the field. The company's heritage is
ingrained in its DNA, ensuring absolute flavor and quality. It is no coincidence that it is the number 1 in
syrup sales in France.

The London Essence: The premium mixers from the London Essence Company are blends of distilled
essential oils from the finest fruits and botanicals, designed to provide an unforgettable aromatic
experience. They have already gained recognition and preference from the top 50 bars in the world for
their high quality.

Ocean Spray®: Ocean Spray® is the world's largest cranberry producer. The Ocean Spray® cranberry
juice product range has been an integral part of cocktail and mocktail creation for years, offering a
unique, authentic flavor. Our juices stand out as they are the only ones with the highest cranberry juice
content (27%).



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