Mr.Vertigo Wine & Spirits

Since 2014, our vision is to introduce everyone to the magical world of wine. We are a boutique wine and spirits store and importing company.  Driven by a passion for wine, our goal is to inspire and motivate the world to see wine as we do, as a natural, authentic and unique product with a long history.


The wine list of Mr. Vertigo is a mirror of what we love, admire and respect, all that makes up the "magic" of wine. 

It consists of mainly organic and biodynamic wines of mild natural vinification by artisanal producers. Our vision goes beyond the act of just drinking wine. We want to have a positive impact on the world – by giving voice to these producers we are participating in their own effort to change the map of viticulture and winemaking towards a sustainable model. 

We want to consolidate this effort by marrying the hard work of these people with the new, dynamic Greek gastronomy and the innovative bar scene.

In our cellar lay more than 1500 wine labels from Greek and Global vineyard. Visitors can also browse our premium collection of spirits. Our portfolio consists of some of the greatest wine regions from all over the world. Mr. Vertigo experience includes wine tastings, wine tours around the world and our premium wine club offers its members unique wine gems.

At  Athens Bar Show we invite you to taste the magic of mild intervention wines. In the wine list we recommend to all professionals you will find a series of top wines from the Greek and worldwide vineyards. We are looking forward to meet you and offer you a variety of sparkling and dry terroir-driven wines.  Join us and offer to your customers a wine experience they will never forget.

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