Padre Azul - Tequila, Padrecito - Tequila

Austrian Inspired – Mexican Crafted: Born out of a love story between Hans Peter Eder from Austria and Adriana Alvarez Maxemin from Guadalajara, Mexico, Padre Azul is an award-winning 100% Blue Agave Super-Premium Tequila known for its vanilla and caramel flavors and unparalleled smooth finish. The Magic Moment: “We wanted a product that enchants from the very beginning. It needed to have that certain ’WOW!’ effect. It was very hard work, but at the end of the day we had a fantastic tequila with an incredibly smooth finish. Like alchemists, we searched for this liquid gold for a long time and when we first sipped what we later crowned PADRE AZUL, we experienced this most magic moment. “


Created in cooperation with global bartending champion David Rios and Master distiller Erika

Sangeado, Padre Azul is proud to present it’s latest innovation: Padrecito Tequila Blanco. Your search for the perfect mixing Tequila stops now! David’s experience in bartending, combined with Erika’s knowledge of crafting smooth Tequilas results in this wonderful bottle – our Padrecito mixing Tequila! A Tequila made for high quality drinks – Margarita or Tequila Sunrise, you name it. Padrecito is the perfect Tequila for your favorite cocktail! It brings out the flavoury agave aroma, as well as the fruity sweetness you seek in your drink. Professionals, enthusiasts, and DIY-barkeeper: this tequila is dedicated to you! Padrecito is our gift to the world of bar keeping – it’s made from one of the world’s best barkeepers for all barkeepers around the world. It simply enriches every cocktail while it elevates the mixing and drinking experience at the same time.

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