The thought behind the creation of Synaesthesia was to create a place for the production of alcoholic

and non-alcoholic beverages, where we ourselves can control the process and the evolution of a product that we would have purchased from our cellar, and on top of that, we would be able to add our own taste and aroma profile.

By analyzing the above proposal, by purchasing our raw material, which in this particular situation is an alcoholic drink, we have decided to create a different flavor profile in this particular drink which can be used in a cocktail or in a simple long drink; we intervene aromatically on it, in order to get the strongest, aromatic, flavor result.

This process is done with an advanced equipment that has to do with the part of creating a product that aromatically and taste-wise cannot be found in the market at this stage. This results directly in a product that will stand out from the competition and gain a large audience that will like that particular flavor.

Another equally important point is that in the production of non-alcoholic drinks, syrups or cordials, we pay great attention to the percentage of sugar that will be present in them. Without targeting the production of similar commercial products, the percentage of sugar present in a syrup on the market ranges from 50-60g per 100ml and this is because there are parameters such as production volume and shelf life, while a similar product of ours will have half or less sugar, depending on the intensity and the aromatic profile that we want to give to the fruit or herb in question.  Similarly, the same applies to some flavoured sodas that we produce in our premises.

Another important part is that the ingredients we use to flavour our products are put into production at the best possible time in their life aromatically, whether it be fruit, vegetable, herb or spice and all are of the current season to get the maximum effect aromatically and flavourfully.


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