Taf Coffee

Taf's philosophy is based on superior quality coffee. taf's main goal is to offer a superior taste experience through the unique tasting coffees it creates, and to communicate the new coffee culture by sharing its knowledge of high quality coffee through continuous customer and consumer education. True to its goal and vision, the company treats coffee with full respect and transparency, from the primary stages of production and harvesting, to daily quality control, storage, consumption and the dissemination of its culture. The long-term expertise in the field of coffee production, the direct relationships that have been developed with selected coffee farms around the world through the taf direct relationship program, the skillful roasting, the quality control at every stage of the coffee process and the continuous training, are the main pillars that contribute to taf’s success and continuous progress. From the beginning, in 2009, Taf's coffee shop has been a destination for coffee lovers from all over the world. There, coffee lovers are given the opportunity to live a complete experience, tasting among excellent coffees made in the elegant La Marzocco, from different places, altitudes and terroirs of the world, such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.