The Lost Explorer - Mezcal

The Lost Explorer Mezcal began as a curiosity of time and the earth. That curiosity has led us to create a small-batch mezcal as a toast to empowering sustainable Mexican enterprise, whilst also protecting the ancient artisanal craft, heritage and biodiversity of Mexico.


There is a secret language: the sun speaks to the earth, the wind speaks to the rain, the fire to the fibers of the piña. Our job is to listen to that conversation and nurture a home for its continued discourse.

The agave has made a noble sacrifice for The Lost Explorer Mezcal and we honor that with care for the earth in every step of our process.


Each of us is born curious, but where does it go and what does it become? We believe in having more questions than answers, in constantly inhabiting the realm of the unknown, for that is where growth happens.

We embrace curiosity as a fundamental human sense, letting it guide us in our quest to more deeply understand mezcal, the earth and each other.


From the age-old techniques our craftspeople call upon to create The Lost Explorer Mezcal, to the land from where it’s born, we remain forever enamored by Oaxaca; its Nature, people, myths and mysteries, rituals, sunlight, food — it all comes together in this beautiful alchemy.

The commitment for supporting this inspiring community is expressed through actions



Solar panels installed in our agave fields at the distillery to create renewable energy, while the Carbon footprint are tracked from the very first batch in order to set our long-term emission reduction goals. These efforts for environmental improvement and energy efficiency are monitored through bioclimate study.


The Lost Explorer Mezcal, follows an ambitious biodiversity practice with at least three agave plants replenished for each one used. The land is purchased close to distillery for scaling their replanting program. Seeds of genetically diverse agave are germinated in the The Lost Explorer’s Laboratory, while the agave waste returns to the land as fertilizer.


The “cooking” of agave is taking place according to artisanal methods and with local reclaimed wood only. All production partner are selected, based on environmental ethos, quality and in support of Mexican enterprise. Also, new bottles designed and produced in Mexico from over 50% recycled crystal scraps, while the stoppers are made from natural wood and sealed with fully biodegradable beeswax


The Lost Explorer economically empowers the mezcal-making community and the local community as well, by signing Long-term local contracts at fair price with the agave growers, creating partnerships with local artisans, investing in public works and supporting female entrepreneurship, education and wellness.

 "I give you my arms. I give you my heart. Now create something beautiful."


For the past 40 years, internationally recognized and award-winning Maestro Mezcalero Don Fortino Ramos has dedicated himself to mastering the art of distilling mezcal. He determines the final selection of the agave. This is a process that needs time and patience. Once the agaves have reached their full maturity, the leaves and roots are cut away by using a machete, leaving the heart “the pina”. These hearts of the agave, often weighing 80-200 pounds are where all the sugars are concentrated and give life to what will ultimately be the curious spirit of The Lost Explorer Mezcal.

The  "pinas" return back to the earth, where they are buried into the conical earthen ovens lined with volcanic rock, reclaimed local wood, soil, river stones and covered with a tarp and soil. After 3 days of cooking, the piñas are then uncovered, letting the perfectly roasted agave rest and cool for 2-3 days.

​​​​​​​The sweet aromas of roasted agave are dominant and the pinas after breaking down to fibers are ready for fermentation. They are transported in open-top oak barrels are set to rest in pure spring water as the wild yeasts find harmony with the elements. Fermentation occurs naturally, while Maestro Mezcalero Fortino Ramos meticulously sets the atmosphere for this process and monitors this closely over the following days as it matures. For Fortino, being in tune with the yeast is critical.

At the end of the fermentation process, the liquid and agave fibers are placed into copper alembic stills, where they are double-distilled in small batches to achieve the purest and smoothest expression of the agave.

According to NOM legislation, mezcal must be between 36% and 55% alcohol by volume (ABV). A key skill of the Maestro Mezcalero is knowing when and where to make the cut.

Don Fortino’s preferred bottling strength is 42% ABV, as he believes this offers the perfect balance of raw ingredients and alcohol. This is very much a signature style of The Lost Explorer Mezcal, producing a smooth, well-balanced and elegant flavor that allows the full complexity of the agave to shine through. Once Fortino is satisfied with the final liquid, it is ready to be bottled.


More than 20 awards were granted for the 3 variants of THE LOST EXPLORER MEZCAL, among which 2 double gold medals for Tobalá and Salmiana from San Francisco World Spirit Competition, one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions in the spirit industry. 


The approachable, welcoming aroma of Espadín will instantly transport you to the arid valleys of San Pablo Huixtepec where our Espadín grows. The sweet smoke rests gently on the roof of your mouth before giving way to a gentle, lingering finish that caresses the mouth in an even warmth.


A cozy aroma of dry tobacco, wood and cocoa gives way to subtle vanilla notes on the palate, ultimately with leather and clay notes being reminiscent of characteristics found in a fine scotch. A smooth and earthy finish carries hints of citrus and fresh spring grass.


On the nose, Salmiana expresses fresh green chili, vibrant grapefruit peel and agave after a rainfall. The citrus notes carry onto the palate with a sweet tint of dried herbs that lead to a spicy finish with even minerality.