V. Roubis: bfresh spitiko | feeju

V. Roubis specializes in creating handmade products that promote a healthy lifestyle & sustainable development. bfresh spitiko is the company’s well-known, handmade beverage served in a sophisticated jar, without sugar, colorings, and preservatives.
The company operates both domestically and internationally and prides itself on utilizing pure materials, crafted with love, following a meticulous handmade production process.
At the Athens Bar Festival, V. Roubis presents its newest brand feeju, which stands for feel the juice. A range of products with freshly squeezed handmade lime juice, cordials, syrups, and iced tea all boasting an unmatched level of freshness and an intense, fruity flavor.
The foundation of feeju Mix It is hand-squeezed lemon juice, sourced from the finest,
carefully selected, organic lemons, blended with a rich amount of exotic fruits or spices
without sugars. Amazingly, only 25ml is needed for both, a low-sugar cocktail and a sugar-free mocktail offering a delightful, refreshing, fruity sensation. It can be stored without the need for refrigeration and can remain fresh for up to 4 weeks in the fridge once opened.
feeju cordials, syrups, and lime juice are game-changing products, ideal for mixologists and bartenders who use top-quality products for their creations.

Tel.: 0030 22210 60443
19 Drosia Avenue, 34100, Chalkida