Theofilos Fisekidis

My name is Theofilos Phisekidis and was born and raised in the beautiful city called Drama. I have a college degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Thessaloniki with my area of expertise in Manual Therapy, Sports Therapy and Body Movement Analysis. Also my love and hobby is Bartending and for that reason I had created 2015 the Cocktail bar called Fabrica who had the honor to be one of the 50 best bars in Greece the year 2017 and I was the owner for three and a half years. For now I am working as a Physical Therapist in my lab “Physio lift”, also trying to make research to help the community of bartending from the outside, also I do Pilates and trying to teach body posture.


Day / Time
Athens Bar Show 2022
08 November, 2022
19:20 – 20:00

Athens Bar Show 2021
10 November, 2021
17:40 – 18:10