Bareksten @ A for Athens

On Wednesday November 9th Bareksten Spirits will take over A For Athens for a night to remember! 

To open the party Global Brand Ambassador Simone Bodini will be joined from The Donovan Bar team from London, Federico Pavan and Cristiana Pirinu, starting at 7pm  with martinis and live music.

At 8 pm Vender Bar from Taichung in Taiwan will take the bar with Summer Chen and Darren Lim presenting their exotic cocktails and style.

From 10 to midnight Fun-tastic Highballs with Eddie Rudzinskas founder of Cocktails For You and Artem Skapenko from the Loggerhead bar in Kiev. 

Closing this one of a kind event will be team Paradiso from Barcelona in Spain, the best bar in the world accordingly to the famous ranking The World’s 50 Best Bars. Bartenders Gianluca Basso and Mattia Mion will rock the stage until closing time (3am) delighting the guests with their amazing concoctions!

Τετάρτη 9/11, 19.00 - 03.00, @A for Athens, Μιαούλη 2